The all-round carefree package for experts

It is not just work which matters. Our seven skilled employee service points in the Growth Region Ems-Achse are concerned not only with the needs and wishes of the potential skilled employees, but also with those of the life-partner and children. Whether it is finding a place at a kindergarten, finding somewhere to live, a job for the life-partner – our carefree package for skilled employees aims to make the decision easier for you. Because you can only provide a good performance where and when you feel comfortable. Get in touch with one of our Skilled Employee Managers and receive the service voucher.

Our Skilled Employee Managers

Manuela Verwold
Landkreis Grafschaft Bentheim
Nino-Allee 11
48529 Nordhorn
Tel. 05921 962308

Interview mit Manuela Verwold

Nicole Bröker
Landkreis Emsland
Ordeniederung 1
49716 Meppen
Tel. 05931 444015

Interview mit Nicole Bröker

Anke Behrend
Landkreis Wittmund
Osterstraße 1
26409 Wittmund
Tel. 04462 5031

Interview mit Anke Behrend

Johann Willms
Landkreis Leer
Bavinkstraße 23
26789 Leer
Tel. 0491 9994-2525

Jann Peter Ubben
Landkreis Aurich
Fischteichweg 7-13
26603 Aurich
Tel. 04941 168030

Holger Fuß
Stadt Emden
Ringstraße 38b
26721 Emden
Tel. 04921 871751

Interview mit Holger Fuß

Anneliese Hanelt
Wachstumsregion Ems-Achse
Hauptkanal links 60
26871 Papenburg
Tel. 0800 36722473